Green RWA

Who we are?

Green RWA (Risk-Weighted Assets) is a non-profit association, rooted in the belief that climate transition will require the entire financial community to work in conjunction. The investments in OECD has identified to successfully achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 require banks to accelerate the green transition. Green RWA is committed to this goal by working with financial institutions to optimise their climate risk capital budget. Rigorous analysis and open collaboration as well as employing open financial modelling can help institutions meet this goal.

Green RWA reach is global, members are spanning from Tokyo to West Coast, reflecting the necessity for global and coordinated action in the fight against climate change.


Green RWA sees the disconnect between how the economy is financed today and where the focus of the financing tools is in the green economy. Green RWA mission is to bridge this gap by supporting the transformation of the bank loan books and financing green economy at scale.


By fostering open collaboration, Green RWA goals are to:

  • Create awareness of the banks’ necessary roles in the green economy
  • Promote methodologies to quantify banks’ climate risks and the opportunities that could be benefited by turning their loan book green
  • Track and measure banks’ actions and contributions towards a Net Zero emission economy 

Green RWA is trying to keep pace with the climate urgency and the necessity for quick action​

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