Webinar: Liquid Natural Gas, role and criticality in the energy transition

🚨 Webinar πŸ“… 22th of September πŸ•’ 3 pm (CET)

The versatility of natural gas is one key to its expected prominent role in the energy transition, serving as an energy source for all sectors. Natural gas has a significant advantage over coal, emitting about half the CO2.

This makes it an attractive option for stabilizing the path to renewables while reducing carbon emissions in the short term.
TotalEnergies aims to meet the dual challenge of the energy transition: more energy, less carbon.

We will be lucky enough to have Thomas Maurisse (Senior Vice President LNG at TotalEnergies) among us to present the crucial role of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the energy transition.

To participate in the Webinar, register hereπŸ‘‡

or contact us at: contact@greenrwa.org

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