Greetings 2023 (a word from the president)

Greetings 2023

“Dear members,

I want to thank you for your continuous support in this critical year for the association and for green finance.

Obviously, and as heard many times, we are making great strides, but we need to catch up on the emergency of the situation.

Cop15 in Canada gave new hopes that we are getting serious about biodiversity. Also, I can see from numerous contacts with banks that they deploy internally and at every level sustainability processes due to their commitment, consortium commitments such as Gfanz or regulatory constraints. 

So given our progress with the sandbox and the momentum of green finance, 2023 should come with concrete steps on the quantification of climate risk.

Looking forward to interacting with you next year.

In the meantime, have a great holiday.”

Olivier Vinciguerra, president of Green RWA.

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