Webinar: Pathway to low-carbon buildings, financial perspectives

Pathway to low-carbon buildings, financial perspectives

The increase in energy consumption and carbon emissions from buildings contributes significantly to global climate change. It is essential to find ways to democratize low-carbon buildings to mitigate their impact on the environment.

In this webinar, we explored the financial aspects of making low-carbon buildings accessible and innovative financial solutions to drive the market towards sustainable buildings.

We had the opportunity to hear from Jean-Philippe Besse, CEO of Accenta.ai and a recognized expert in this field. This webinar provided us with an insight into the latest developments in sustainable finance, financing options for low-carbon buildings, and successful case studies worldwide, showcasing Accenta’s expertise and solutions that leverage the potential of AI and data science to eliminate around 10% of global carbon emissions from heating and cooling.

Many thanks to Jean-Philippe Besse and Accenta.ai

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